Welcome! I am Yuri Zamyatin,
Full-Stack web developer.


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I am passionate about building software that makes lives around me more comfortable. A fan of performant, scalable, reliable and interoperable solutions built via simple modern instruments and distributed as free sortware.

As a Full-Stack developer, I have Frontend and DevOps knowledge, although my strongest skills and interests are in the Backend field. Currently keen on Node, Typescript, SQL, Linux and architectural patterns.

My greatest strength is my will to challenge the suboptimal status quo.

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A new approach to the permission management.

hierbac is a role-based access control system accessible via HTTP interface. Its key principal is that user can grant a subset of their own permissions to someone else. All roles are defined by the grant hierarchy, not by unique admins.

Each user has a list of identities representing them on different platforms. This allows hierbac not to roll out authentication despite being multi-platform system.

Service works as an open platform where anyone can create realms, permissions, users and other entities.

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For the last couple of years focusing on my main job. There were some interesting entries before, however they do not meet my current quality standards. Hopefully this will change someday.


Effective coding time over 30d

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