Hello, I am Yuri Zamyatin,
Full-Stack web developer.

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I am passionate about building software that makes lives around me more comfortable. A fan of performant, scalable, reliable and interoperable solutions built via simple modern instruments and distributed as free sortware.

As a Full-Stack developer, I have Frontend and DevOps knowledge, although my strongest skills and interests are in the Backend field. Currently keen on Node, Typescript, SQL/NoSQL and architectural patterns.

My greatest strength is my will to challenge the suboptimal status quo.

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Featured projects

[WIP] httpeg

Simple yet scalable HTTP service that can manage FFmpeg workers.

Media encoding service designed to be the part of a larger infrastructure. Features two modes: live and long-running encoding. Has queue management and rich flow control API, all communication done via pure HTTP.

It makes use of non-persistent (local) file system - no extra storage solutions required.

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Multi-user LndHub client implemented as Telegram bot.

LndHub is a backend solution for Lightning Network custodial wallets. It provides HTTP API, which de-facto became a standard for Lightning accounting.

This bot acts like a client for that backend: same as BlueWallet app, but on Telegram.

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