PGP master key & user id change

I migrated to the new PGP key and primary e-mail address. Old ones are safe.

mtime=2022-05-22T23:58:54Z archived=false

New details



12E1 E627 5F91 17F1 1544 BEB3 5801 2DF1 BCC1 8F04

Download directly or from popular keyservers. It is also used for SSH.


  • Master key has the highest security level and is used purely to certify other keys. If something bad happens with my daily keys, I will reissue them using master key. Use keyservers to stay up to date.
  • I will no longer certify third-party keys with expiry date >4y from the moment of potential certification.


The old key was revoked, but was never compromised. Old email addresses are still available.


Security and convenience.